Musical fun for the under 5's in and around Oxford, UK
dodging the waves!

dodging the waves!

Another seaside rhyme with a strong pulse which here we mark with push and pull actions. Using it with the lycra means that the children should be able to self-correct to get the beat from everyone else pulling in unison (well, maybe!)  It is also great fun being part of a group with a common purpose and building the anticipation as we wait for the tide to go ‘OUT!” just makes its rapid retreat more exciting.

Masons in Bath St, Abingdon is a cornucopia of haberdashery and materials and always has a variety of lycras in stock.


The tide’s coming in, the tide’s coming in
It’s coming over the sand
The tide’s coming in – it’s up to my toes
The tide’s coming in – that’s how it goes
The tide’s coming in – it’s up to my hand
The tide’s coming in – it’s covering the sand
And when it’s right in, it’s up to my chin…
and… then… it… goes… OUT!
words © Rachel Shearer  2014