Musical fun for the under 5's in and around Oxford, UK

Up the tall white candlestick...Little Mousie Brown

This lovely traditional rhyme tells a story of a great adventure, a problem encountered, of ingenuity to find a solution even when the first attempt has failed and a happy ending, all in one 9-line poem.  In addition we have finger and hand actions to tell the story (which will help imprint it on the memory) and from a musical point of view a lovely opportunity to sing “Grandma” with a soh-mi interval (think ‘cuckoo’).  This is generally accepted as one of the easiest intervals to sing correctly, and the children should be able to replicate it fairly easily.

If your child enjoys this rhyme, you could possibly develop it by asking who they think their mousie would call for – any two syllable name would fit.  If you miss out key words and pause, can the child supply the missing word?  Can they internalise part or all the of the rhyme and just do the actions with you?

For older children you might ask what they would do if they got stuck – you might like to point out that rolling down from great heights is fine for little mousies but not a great idea for big children!

Have fun

Up the big white candlestick
Went little Mousie Brown
He got to the top
But he couldn’t get down.
So he called for his grandma
“Grandma, Grandma!”
But grandma was in town
So he curled into a little ball…
…and rolled all the way down!